Servsafe® Manager 7th Edition

Why Enroll Yourself and Your Staff? 

servSafe_classIt is up to you and your staff to get a clean handle on sanitation. It is your responsibility to protect the public from food borne illness.

Class Time

Class is for review and examination … your time is valuable. Our course is concise and only requires one day away from your business.

Information Covered

  • Health Department Inspections Understand the applicable laws and rules.
  • Microbiology Expand the shelf life of foods and reduce food waste by studying ways to control the major microorganisms causing food-borne illnesses.
  • Pest Control Learn the warning signs of pest infestation.
  • Safe Food Purchasing, preparing and serving.
  • Self-Inspection Learn how to properly assess your environment. Improve kitchen and storage appearance and working conditions.

Certification Upon successful completion of the class and exam, each graduate of the program will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association. If your local department requires training, a Certificate from your local Health Department will be issued upon your request and notification of passing.

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Why learn sanitation

Several Kentucky districts require that a “certified food handler” be on the premises at all times; but let’s face it, the consequences of a simple, tragic mistake by an employee could be catastrophic. The prevention of foodborne illness can be achieved by learning and practicing a set of rules and procedures and making sure that you teach these to your foodhandlers, and insist that they practice them too! This seminar will teach you the rules, show you the best way to train your foodhandlers, how to recognize hazardous situations and how to apply the rules for sanitary foodservice to your daily routines.

Who Should Attend?

Hotel or Restaurant Owners, Managers, Chefs, Cooks, Caterers, Institutional Foodservice Managers or any other person responsible for public foodservice.