Introducing ServSafe Alcohol® A practical and comprehensive approach to responsible alcohol service training.

Implementing the same approach that ServSafe pioneered for food safety training, the NRAEF is proud to introduce another new standard in risk management training. The ServSafe Alcohol® program outlines effective responsible alcohol service practices for all front-of-the-house staff, including bartenders, waiters, hosts, busers, security and valets. Taking a holistic approach, the program advocates team-based prevention of difficult intoxication situations.

Fundamentals of Responsible Alcohol Service helps everyone serve responsibly, and protects your business, customers and community. Proper alcohol service is a responsibility we all share.

The consequences of service violations can be serious, so it’s vital that your entire staff gets involved to help prevent improper service.

The new Fundamentals of Responsible Alcohol Service assists in giving your staff the training they need to help assure every drink served is a safe one.

  • Scientifically developed from the knowledge and insight of industry experts.
  • The NRAEF convened experts in the foodservice, regulatory, legal, academic, medical and insurance fields develop a new training program that focuses on what the front-of-the-house needs to know to serve alcohol responsibly.
  • Comprehensive, in-depth coverage. Chapters detail alcohol law and responsibilities, evaluating intoxication levels, dealing with difficult situations, and feature extensive coverage of ID checking.
  • An interactive book makes concepts memorable. Information is reinforced with guides, charts, exercises and case studies.
  • State-of-the-art instructional design. The program was developed using the latest learning theories, resulting in the highest quality instruction that’s consistent, accessible and effective.
  • Holistic team training. Shows how all staff can work together to prevent difficult situations.
  • Flexible training options. Perfect for a classroom setting, one-on-one or independent study.

Overview of the Program

  • Introduction
  • Liability case study & beverage law

How Alcohol Affects Your Body

  • How beverage alcohol is rated
  • Composition of drinks
  • Alcohol’s path through the body
  • Affects/limits § Factors affecting absorption
  • Behavioral changes

The Law and Your Responsibility

  • Helping prevent drunk driving
  • Liquor code
  • Reasonable care
  • Actual or constructive knowledge
  • Third party responsibility
  • Benefits of responsible sale and service policies

Techniques for Responsible Beverage Alcohol Service

  • Communication: The key to making policies work
  • Checking age identification
  • Standard recipes and services
  • Make guests aware of your program
  • Evaluating guests by the SIR Method
  • Counting drinks
  • Traffic light system

Service in Difficult Situations

  • Handling difficult situations
  • Handling beverage alcohol-related verbal abuse and violence
  • Ensuring automobile safety for your guests
  • Completing an incident report

Increase Check Averages

ServSafe Alcohol® teaches your servers selling techniques that increase food and beverage sales and tips.

The ServSafe Alcohol® program is approved and recognized by the state of Kentucky

The Kentucky Restaurant Association is a not-for-profit trade association representing Kentucky foodservice outlets and a variety of businesses associated with the foodservice industry. The Association provides members with a wide range of educational resources.

A program that pays off

Reduce the cost of your liability insurance and the amount of property damage by using ServSafe Alcohol®. Many insurance carriers offer discounts. Increase your business and decrease your liability.

Contact Lisa McLaughlin to schedule your ServSafe class at your facility for 15 or more.  Cost for KRA members is only $30.00 per person.