The Kentucky Restaurant Association works on many levels to protect small businesses’ interests in Kentucky, both through involvement and support of the National Restaurant Association, and affiliation with the Kentucky Retail Federation for lobbying efforts in Frankfort.

Many issues of concern to restaurateurs are actively followed, including:

  • Food Service issues, such as mandatory glove use
  • Alcoholic Beverage Sales issues
  • Labor/Workforce issues, such as workers’ compensation, employer-paid jury leave, reference checks, tip credit repeal and ergonomics
  • Consumer Protection issues, such as Telemarketing
  • Environmental issues, such as Litter/Solid Waste
  • Health Care
  • Restaurant Meals Tax
  • Regulatory and Licensure issues
  • Revenue and Taxation issues
  • Transportation issues


Active Legislative Comittee

KRA has an active Legislative Committee and welcomes participation. The best representation we have is our restaurant members in their communities bringing issues to our attention. To receive legislative alerts via e-mail, send Stacy Roof an email at stacy@kyra.org asking to be added to the legislative list.

Please check back here frequently for bills of interest. You can actually e-mail your elected officials directly from the Legislative Action Center. Please utilize this tool – it’s here for your benefit to enhance communication with our Senators and Representatives in both Frankfort and Washington.

Click here for 2019 Legislative Summary